Your assignment

If you are like me, sometimes you go through this in life so difficult that all you can say is: OMG!!! For some of you, you have no words nor can you come up with reasons as to why you are going through what you are experiencing but all you know is that you are in pain.  The desert of pain and the road of loneliness are often accompanied with feeling as if you have no purpose and that your life is meaningless.  Have you have experienced days when you smiled but you were honestly crying inside?  Everyone’s critique of your life would suggest that you are doing quite well and that from their vantage point life probably couldn’t get any better for you…..and yet if people only knew what was in your head and what rested on your heart they would possibly start crying along with you.
Today I had another inspiring conversation with a close friend of mine, and came to this crazy conclusion:  As a child of God, what if your storm was actually your assignment???  I’m not suggesting that God loves when we are in pain, neither do I believe that we should go looking for storms.  However, I am reminded of a story John’s gospel when there was a man who was born blind. He didn’t ask to be blind, he didn’t enjoy his blindness, and I’m quite sure that he would have loved to experience sight long before Jesus finally healed him.  However Jesus said that the ONLY reason that blindness was on him was so that God could get some glory.  What I am learning in my world is that sometimes God will use your ‘blindness’ as a platform for the glory of God.  I think many of us are missing our moments of God’s glory and replacing them with moments for self preservation.  Hey, I hear you…I’ve been there, I don’t always enjoy being God’s platform and being His poster child.  But then again maybe I do…if God has given me a storm as an assignment then He must believe, know, and trust that I am capable to do Him justice!!!  I’ll be the first to admit, that I have often missed by assignment by complaining, my attitude, and non-testimony because I wanted my way more than I cared about His way.
I’m not there yet, I haven’t fully gotten to the place I need to be….But I now understanding that as a child of God…my pain isn’t random…what I’m going through and what you are going through….even in your storm is your assignment and God believes that through even your OMG moments–He will get glory…peace!  Just some thoughts from my world…

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