All you need

I think sometimes we search for people, places and things to help us to cope, get through, and survive this thing we call life.  I have recently come to the conclusion that people, places, and things, all leave us craving for more people, more places and a lot more things.  For some its drugs, for others its sexual relationships, and others run to a new place every time trouble hits…but the more we abuse, the more we engage in relations, and the more we hide out….it leaves us longing for more.  It never fully seems to satisfy what we really, truly need…..God!

I’ll be honest, the people seem to help, the places seem to grant escape, the things appear to soothe us, but after the moment–we are right back where we started.  This new revelation for some and reminder for others always holds true–everything we honestly need is found in God.  If you are like me, there have been times when you have been tempted to leave and give up on God because it seemed that he was not answering or not doing what you obviously seemed to need.  But just when I was about to leave him, I discovered and said to myself: “….now if I leave God…where am I honestly going to go?”

Is the road sometimes difficult, yessir!  Does it hurt like crazy, absolutely!  Do you feel like giving up, no question!  But when its all said and done….God is honestly all you need!  Thats what I am learning in my world…peace!

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I guy from around the way that God has been real kind to!!!

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