The Power of Words

Notice that Jesus always had the right words to say to people.  He didn’t tell the Samaritan woman about new life, nor did he tell Nicodemus that he needed living water.  He always gave people what they NEEDED.  Even when he fed the 5000, his concern was that they would leave hungry.  Its interesting that Christ’s concern was that they would leave his presence still empty and hungry.

I wonder how many people come into our presence and leave still hungry???  I wonder how many people we come in contact with and we have no words to give to them.  We are often so empty ourselves that we have absolutely NOTHING to give to them.  What is inside of us, or what isn’t inside of us that allows people to feel so lonely or incredibly tired of dealing with people in this life who have a lot to say but aren’t saying much.

My challenge for you today, my challenge for myself today is to be so filled with the Word of God so that I have words to say to anyone who I come in contact with.  My prayer is that my words won’t be just letters from the English language but that they will be directed to the individuals needs….

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I guy from around the way that God has been real kind to!!!

2 thoughts on “The Power of Words”

  1. Noah,
    I’m just seeing your entries in ‘washsworld’ . I appreciate them and will use them with my prayer partners during our devotions.
    May God the Father pour out new blessing to you and His Son light your way, all through the Holy Ghost.

    Toni Hall


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