Every David NEEDS a Jonathan

It has occurred to me, particularly over the last few years that many men don’t have solid relationships. What I mean here is that many of our relationships are based on sports, politics, etc. But we don’t often have relationships where real issues and factors in our lives. When most men grow up we are pushed to suppress and not show emotions. “Stop crying”! “Wipe them tears away”! “What you crying for?” These are the words usually heard when we attempt to express whats going on. So what ends up happening is that instead of releasing, we suppress and hold on to what we need to let go of.

Scripture teaches that David and Jonathan had a close relationship. Its very possible that even as King, David was open and willing to listening to whatever Jonathan had to say based on the nature of their relationship. Insomuch that at a time when David is supposed to be at war scripture shares that he is at home. If Jonathan was alive during the time of David’s greatest struggle it is my opinion that he would have been able to stand. Their relationship superseded sports talk and what kind of car they would drive but their conversations dealt with the real realities of life.

Men, if you are ever going to be GREAT in the kingdom it will be because you have someone in life that holds you accountable. EVERY David needs a Jonathan!!! This is not part of your wish list, but a spiritual need in your life. Don’t ever think you are too old and grown for accountability! God’s will for your life includes not just accountability but also the opportunity to get out what is inside of you. If you shake a man long enough the contents of whats inside of him is eventually going to spill out and hit what is closest to him-oftentimes thats his family. It spills out as abuse, withdrawal, anger, etc.

I encourage you man…pray and ask God for a Jonathan! Ask Him to send you someone who can aid in your kingdom growth! It is God’s will that every need be supplied…and this includes your Jonathan!

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I guy from around the way that God has been real kind to!!!

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