Don’t Stay There

The truth is that everyone who has or will ever live will experience something they don’t like. No was is excused, no one is free from difficulty no matter who or what they are. Regardless of what some individual’s lives look like no success is ever achieved without failure. You aren’t the first, nor will you be the last person to have to deal with tragedy or defeat. However one of the greatest temptations when you are down is to stay there. It becomes very easy to stay down! It becomes harder to move from where you are to a position where your perspective has changed. Perspective is EVERYTHING. It may take some time before your status changes, and like Joseph it may take years before everything that God has promised is realized in your life. Yet, I have learned and am learning that years of a poor attitude is never improved a person’s situation. Its not like the more you think negatively the better you feel. Its actually quite the opposite because as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

I want to press to your minds today that greater than your experience is the temptation to mentally and emotionally remain in a dark place. Its actually a very easy thing for God to remove everything that is wrong in your life right now. The difficult part is moving your mind to a place of wholeness and remove from your mind what continues to cause you pain.

I want to encourage you toward a few perspectives that will help you to not stay where you are. The first perspective is to KNOW that regardless of your experience you are STILL a child of God. Your situation has not disqualified you in any way from  being God’s child. It may seem at times like God has left you but don’t resign yourself to the delusion that God no longer loves you just because you are experiencing seemingly unlovable things. One of the things that has helped me over the years is to understand that regardless of how much pain I was going through, at least I was alive to feel it; the alternative would be a lot worse.

The second perspective I want to encourage you with is to not allow other people who are not experiencing your struggle to define your struggle. Whenever you are going through it, I promise you there will be people who attempt to define why you are experiencing trouble or attempt to analyze your experience in many ways. Make sure your main perspective comes from God so that whatever people may choose to say is filtered through what God has already said. Trust Me! I haven’t fully figured out why, but people love to critique what they themselves have not experienced. They love to suggest things that they have never tried themselves. That is why is it critically important to get perspective on your situation from God so that you don’t allow ignorant seeds to be planted and grow in your mind.

Don’t stay where you are! There are enough Godly promises to push you toward greatness. God will also provide you with people in your life to let you know that you are not forgotten and that you are loved. And when you come through it, when the issue is over, you will be stronger!

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I guy from around the way that God has been real kind to!!!

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